School of Design and Arts - Multimedia Arts

There has never been a more exciting time for media. Constant advancements in media technology provide us new ways to enjoy, produce, and distribute information. Media technology users have never been more involved in the interactionand dissemination of content. The Multimedia Arts degree program pioneers in the creation of interactive online and offline content. By advocating social accountability and relevance in media, it aims to produce a new generation of storytellers with a flair for the visual language and the ability to enhance the communication experience with target audience by altering space and interface.

The degree program combines core skills in communication, interface design, and programming for various user-driven applications such as digital media, web design and content, mobile content, interactive games and content, print media, and exhibit installations. It is recommended for students interested in communication arts, journalism, advertising, various media technologies, graphic design, game design, and other fields related to digital arts and design.

The Lasallian Mission

To give a human and Christian education to the young, especially in schools, with the service of the poor as a priority, in order to evangelize and catechize, to promote peace and justice, accomplished together as a shared mission.

DLS-CSB Vision Statement

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, a member of De La Salle Philippines, is a Catholic, dynamic, and innovative learning community. Guided by the Lasallian principles of Faith, Zeal in Service and Communion in Mission, it recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and responds to the diverse needs of all learners. 

DLS- CSB Mission Statement

At De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, we believe that it is in community that we create and nurture a learning climate promoting success through mutual support and respect for all learners. As a learner-centered institution, we recognize diversity by addressing various needs, interests and cultures. 
As a community of students, faculty, staff and administrators, we strengthen our relationships through transformational experiences guided by appreciation of individual worth, creativity, professional competence, social responsibility, a sense of nationhood, and our faith. 
We actively anticipate and respond to individual, industry, and societal needs by offering innovative and relevant programs that foster holistic human development.

SDA Vision Statement

The School of Design and Arts of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde is a center of academic excellence, innovative instruction, training and research in design, arts, new media and the performance fields.

SDA Mission Statement

As a Lasallian institution offering tertiary education in the creative industries, SDA is committed to:
- Recognizing the creative industries as a viable cultural and economic force that can be used as a tool for national growth and advancing developments in these fields through research, innovation, learner-centered education and industry linkages.
- Training future practictioners in these fields to be creative, innovative, ethical, professionally competent and equipped with a strong grounding in technological and business management skills.

MMA Vision Statement

To be the foremost Multimedia Arts program through the use of dynamic, innovative and learner-centered andragogy in line with the Lasallian mission to produce industry leaders. 

MMA Mission Statement

To continue the pioneering effort of producing multimedia 
leaders that address the needs of society through updated educational resources and competent guidance.