MMICONT - Interactive Content for Multimedia


Course Code - Name

MMICONT - Interactive Content for Multimedia


Course Description

MMICONT is a course for interactive media (web, offline digital and mobile). It prepares the student for interactive content by making them understand the content gathering and organizing process, as well as content preparation which includes writing. At the end of the course, the student should be able to plan, gather/create content for interactive applications. The course extensively uses creative skills in creating content, as well as logical skills in organizing the content. Since content is not writing alone, it would be beneficial for the student to have experience in graphic software and photography. The final project of the students should be good enough to be developed in their integration subjects (MINTER3 & 5 – web applications, MINTER 4 & 6 – author & mobile).

Course Credits

3 units

Contact Hours/Week

42 hours, 3 hours/week




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