Multimedia Production

In the College of St. Benilde's School of Design and Arts - Multimedia and Arts, the culmination project follows a three-course series.



At the end of this course, the student is expected to manifest the following as per Blooms Taxonomy:

  • Knowledge To know the various stages of a Multimedia Project.
  • Comprehension To understand the various tasks needed to execute and accomplish a Multimedia project.
  • Application To apply the relevant theoretical framework to the development of the project form and content.
  • Analysis To determine the appropriate approach to create an original, sound, unique, thought-provoking, marketable and competitive Multimedia project that meets the objectives that the project seeks to accomplish.
  • Synthesis To fully integrate and synthesize ideas/concepts with technical skills to produce a Multimedia project.
  • Evaluation To objectively appraise one’s work in terms of its effectiveness in addressing the chosen need in both form and content, in terms of its ability to meet industry standards. 


Conceptual Structure

Weeks 1-3: Lectures and Assessment
Weeks 4-7: Project Development
Weeks 12-13: Defenses and Revisions
Weeks 14: Final Output Submission
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